About Our Team

The success of every organization lies in the active participation of all the individuals present under it. Having a healthy work environment improves productivity as well as the increase in the workforce.

To make sure the client’s business objectives are met here’s a team who are passionate about their work. We also have experienced qualified designer’s, professional’s committed to excellence who render their ideas and assist their team members in performing and presenting things precisely we work with care and make sure.

Each one’s capability is to be noticed and allow them to exhibit their talent and, which in turn should support the organization’s growth and as well as the employer’s.



Our Team


Mukund Jha

Project Manager, UI/UX Lead


Ganga K. Jha

Sr. Web Designer


Ayur Raj

Software Engineer


Pradip Das

UI/UX Designer


Priyanka G.

Web Developer


Yamini B.T

Web Designer




Our Value

Customer Driven

Our client’s success brings in success to us, here we give importance to his requirement and Principles. We see that the business objective of our client is met & increase the graph of our “Happy Customer’s”.

Innovation Oriented

Here given any work, we think of solving it in various forms (think beyond the box), we do not stick to one particular approach. Moreover, we look into innovative methods which are well suited and carry on to achieve better results.

Technology Focused

We use the best technique to build an application, each one of them has their importance, and hence as per the requirement, we select and implement the latest which in turn increases the life-cycle of the application designed and developed.

Our Approach: Open Minded and Innovative

Having a healthy work environment in an organization is a good practice. Every individual is allowed to present his/her suggestions to put forth their ideas without any hindrance, through which we can improvise the progress of the work.

Excellence in Execution

Here we follow the agile methodology where we work along with the user in industry. This method overcomes the lack of communication between the customers and developers. We let the customer know how the process is taking place. And his suggestions are made then and there & development takes place hand-in-hand, resulting in an efficient solution.


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