System Development Lifecycle

It is a process to carry out a project. Within an industry to develop high-quality software solutions that meet or exceeds our customer’s expectations & reaches completion within times and cost estimates, by defining a methodology for improving the quality of the application and the overall development process.



To begin with any project firstly, we should calculate its strength as well as its weakness.  And this includes steps like – determining a need for a specific program, who will be the end-users, what the development will cost and how long it will take, which also help us to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issue.



At this stage, we perform analysis to understand in detail the business needs of our customers. Gathering of requirements and prepare an SRS (System Requirement Specification) Document, which will be thorough, followed by our developers. And also should be reviewed by the customer for future reference.



In this phase, we use the requirement gathered in the SRS document as input and derive the model as to how the system should be concerning its outlook and selection of relevant technologies to build it. Here we mainly focus on how we can create the best application design which must provide a good user experience.



Once the design is ready, we begin with implementing it through coding. This phase is more or less called a construction phase where the problem statement defined by our client gets shaped.


Testing & Integration

After implementing, testing is performed, which includes both unit testing and integration testing. We begin with unit testing, where we test all the modules and submodules separately. Then we look into that if there exists any error. We fix it & immediately we integrate all the modules and test them as a whole (complete application) and deliver an error-free application to our customers.



Its primary purpose is to modify and update the application after delivery, to correct faults and to improve the performance, overall to make it more optimize.