Augmented Reality

Today, the augmented reality is one among the type of reality’s that are ruling the “technology world” today is nothing less than magic. AR connects the physical world /Users entirely in a digital environment.  AR transforms the ways in which a user interacts with any service or products.  We help your businesses to use AR services that will enhance the Customer engagement & help them to create an innovative& unique brand identity.

Where we can see AR Application’s. There are many, to list a few medical fields, Entertainment, Location based education, Marketing Campaigns, Architecture, interactive cinematic experiences, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, gaming etc

Custom Augmented Reality Solutions

With Augmented reality we can see wonders around us within few seconds, one example is that where your coffee table will be turned into chess board and in next second it can be your google map, On the whole in Augmented reality “we can transport the digital aspects into the real world. Any such requirement you can reach to us and we’ll deliver the solutions to your ideas.



Here the object detection takes place in front of the camera and provides useful information of the object on the screen. This can help you to gain the trust and loyalty of the customers while marketing your product.

Product Try-On

Here it lets your customer to experience a better envision of your product’s through an interactive demonstration so that the things will be made clearer where we can look into variety of patterns and select the best one among them which suits the requirement.


AR Way Finding

It’s the tremendous application which uses AR technology, where without any confusions we can reach our destination points.

AR Way Finding, the word itself gives us the clue that it shows direction to the place we ask for along with it also shows us the best direction which can be selected to reach our destination in a less time.

Through this we can offer an improved wayfinding technique in more animated, highlighted and outlined pathways, using AR Wayfinding.

Object Detection based AR

It is the ideal AR feature for recognizing products in 3-dimensional structure examples include industrial machinery’s, historical monuments, art pieces, building facades etc in order to perform so the object’s image should be pre-recorded and thus detection can be done hence faults can be identified, corrected and make it more optimized.


Location-based AR

 It mainly uses data from GPS or other positioning systems and data from phone sensors to identify a device’s location & location in turn triggers AR Elements. This technique helps to find relevant information about what the customers are looking for on their GPS enabled device using location-centric mobile application.

Industries We Serve

Real Estate

It is often tough to anyone to showcase their product’s such that it should be in a way enough to attract them and it should be convincing for them to buy our products be it from small one’s to big one’s hence to address such challenges.

We create a plan tracking AR application where customers can really feel and experience the floor, property, place or design & thus taking them to the virtual walkthrough of places using 3D images and graphics.

Print Media and Publication

Using AR applications, the traditional approach can be replaced by more automized way. Now a days reading of books & learning could be boring! today we can attract more customers by delivering them highly engaging & interactive content by scanning the given images from newspaper, books or publications using AR apps , thus if your product  demo is 3D driven customer’s would understand it more better .It’ll not only help to educate them but also influence their buying decision thus providing them a better product learning experience. 


Retail Product Packaging

Self-explanatory is a add on feature for a product, any retail product becomes self-explanatory when it’s demonstrated using Marker-based AR technique. Help customers to get more options and the customized solution are given to their specific requirements.

Using our AR app, relevant information for your customers to access details in real-time using interactive AR content is made available. Which helps our Customers to select the right product by providing the ample detail & preferred content for the desired products.

AR Commerce

Using advanced AR Visualization and special tools, through augmented reality we can visualize the products anywhere in their actual size & at a natural scale. Which helps us to discover how products work & view their features, hence to make the experience more immersive such that you feel you are inside it and part of it.

We create AR Solutions which can offer our customers the real-time immersive and interactive virtual trial experience of the products, helping them make a right decision.


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